DSI Security Systems Review

DSI Security Systems Review

DSI Security Systems is a Winnipeg based company that has been in business for over 25 years. They service residential, commercial, and government agencies across North America and they claim to have been hand-picked to exclusively represent the Honeywell First Alert Professional Security program in Winnipeg. I’m not sure if that piece of trivia is really important to most people but I thought to just mention it in case some of you care.

DSI Security Systems Services & Features

DSI Security has a variety of services that may be of interest to those of you in Manitoba. Their services include fire protection, flood protection, security camera instillation, and burglar & theft protection services. Here is a more detailed list of all the services they have to offer:

  • Residential Security, Fire, & Life-Safety Systems
  • Environmental, Flood, and automation systems
  • Commercial Systems
  • Access Control & Biometric Systems
  • Real-time Remote Video Monitoring
  • Object Oriented Video & Analytics
  • CCTV & DVR
  • RFID Security Devices
  • Cargo & Intermodal Container Security
  • Chemical, Biological & Radiological Detection
  • Explosive & Narcotic Detection Systems
  • Burglary & Theft Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Environmental & Temperature Detection
  • Crew GPS Locating Systems
  • Long-range video and wireless networks

DSI Security Systems Pros

I like the fact that DSI Security Systems is located in Canada and that they have a local monitoring center in Manitoba. It doesn’t really matter where a monitoring center is located because they can alert the authorities at the same speed as an out of town monitoring station. However, in this case…im glad DSI Security is a local Canadian company.

DSI Security Systems Cons

This company seems to have a strong presence in Manitoba only and they don’t seem to be as focused on home security services as much as Frontpoint Security does. This can be a bit of a head ache for most home owners in other provinces since DSI isn’t as well known there.


I would say this company would be worth looking into if you live in Manitoba and you’re more interested in commercial security services. If home security is the main thing on your mind, I would suggest taking a look at what Frontpoint Security and Vivint have to offer.

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